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Data driven Uptrend and Downtrend signals

Reduce human bias in investment decisions

Unleash the power of cutting edge analytics for India & Global equity markets

Our easy to use analytical tools & dashboards help you to get a unique 360-degree vantage point of the market in a glimpse. Align with market trends and decode market sentiments in less time, at an affordable cost.

Market Signals

Market Signals use advanced quantitative analysis to identify market turning points for various benchmark indices like Nifty, Bank Nifty, Nasdaq, Gold and many more.

Market signals are detected using multiple analytical models and are rigorously backtested using our advanced Backtesting Engine on a variety of market scenarios.

Power Scans

Power Scans provide a curated set of scans running on F&O stocks. Power Scans include multiple scans to detect Uptrend and Downtrend in stocks. These stock scans use combinations of several quantitative analysis and are optimised using rigorous Backtesting Analysis.

Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment Analytics help to understand emotions inside the minds of market participants and decode state of market and general direction of market trend. Sentiment Analytics provide Signals for multiple sentiment indicators. Signals are generated using sophisticated multi layered process to separate Noise and Signal. 

Backtesting Analytics

Backtesting is used to evaluate how different combinations of quantitative indicators would have performed, under a variety of historical market scenarios.

Alnair Analytics' robust backtesting engine, equipped with Python & R, uses rigorous risk analysis, performing millions of computations to optimise Market & Sentiment Signals and Stock Scans. 

Simplifying sophisticated quantitative analysis for financial markets and making it affordable to all. 

At Alnair Analytics our vision is to simplify sophisticated quantitative analysis for financial markets and to make it affordable to all.  We are in constant endeavour to present in easy to understand way quantitative analysis and scientific Backtesting.  

Our team in Alnair Analytics have rich experience in data analytics (MIT), financial and technical analysis (CFA & CA). When we design our analytical tools & dashboards, we are always trying to ensure that despite your busy calendar, you always get in your dashboard sophisticated analytics in simplified form for your own research.


Asset Class Covered across India & US


Quantitative Signal generations per year


Simulations run for Advanced Backtesting


Underlying Analytical Models used


Years of data used for quantitative analysis

Coverage of Analytical Computations

Are You Ready to Experience the Power of  Quantitative Analysis for financial Markets?

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